Affiliate Marketing Step By Step For Beginners 2020

In today’s video, I’m going to be walking you through how to start affiliatemarketing for amateurs and this is going to go step by step. This video has three personas. The first part is going to talk about the general overview of whataffiliate sell is, then we’ll immediately move into what kind of options you havefor building your stage and going traffic to it to makethis affiliate marketing work, this will be with a websiteor even without a website, and then third, we’ll move into what kind of affiliateoffers you should be focusing on, there’s both low-pitched ticket offersand there’s high-pitched ticket offers and we’re going to talk about both.By the end of this video, you’ll have everything you need tostart affiliate commerce today. So, without further ado, let’s jumpin the computer and get into this. So, the very first thingthat we need to discuss and we need to be on the same pageabout is what affiliate marketing is. If you have ever cited anyoneto any business in the past, person asks you’ hey, do youhave a good airconditioner guy ?” hey, do you have a goodperson that parts your hair ?’ Whatever it is and you referthem to your person, that is effetivelyaffiliate marketing. All it is, is referring peopleto things that you are familiar with and you like and you trust. So, when you look atthe actual definition of how people explainaffiliate marketing, it’s essentially commission basedor performance located marketing in which a business wages youfor drawing them a client. That’s all it is. So, you’re notactually individual employees, you’re not on payroll, you have no commitment, you can work wheneveryou want to work, and you only must pay when youdrive them a new patron or a new click, a new induce, whatever the affiliate proposal is.Now, you don’t need to have crazymarketing suffer for this. What I’m going to showyou in this video, we’ll go over how you can share basically your knowledgeand your experience to lead other beings down thesame itinerary that you became, to acquire the same decisions and findthe make that’s right for them.And by do that anddoing it this style, you will actually get the commissionon them making their purchase or whatever they’re buying. So , now that we understandwhat affiliate marketing is, I want to show you two examplesof affiliate marketing websites. One is really big, this is There are a ton ofexamples of this, but anytime you verify chiefly travelcompanies or cruise fellowships, anyone who’s a search engine helps youfind a bargain or something like that, which could potentially an affiliatemarketing website. So, for example with Expedia, they give you all the tools in asearch engine, everything you need. This is what they employed their moneyinto building this tool now, You can go on here, and itgives you all the information to find the best option ofavailable copes out there. Expedia does not have an airline, they do not have inns. They send you to acompany that does, and then they get a commissionfor sending you to that company. So, this is a largescaleaffiliate marketing website. And then, this is another one.This is a smaller magnitude, thisis make use of another YouTuber. I just think it’s aperfect instance to use, so, Odie I hope you don’tmind me use this, but this is an example of his website, it’s called And mostly, he’s doing reviewsof makes that are on Amazon and then he positions hisaffiliate join in there, so, people know exactlywhat to expect and then they can go buy it on Amazonand that’s through his affiliate link. So, it expenditure them good-for-nothing extra and they know that they’re gettingthe exact produce that was reviewed because they’re using the linkthat was in the description, and because of smart businesshappens to be an affiliate link, so, that person makingthe review get paid. So, those are two examples ofaffiliate marketing websites, one large scale andone smaller proportion, but that various kinds of precedes us into what kind of options do you have when you’re making anaffiliate sell business.You don’t have tohave a website. So, in this section Iwant to talk about the four main optionsthat you have when you’re startingaffiliate market. So, a lot of beings when they’restarting affiliate commerce, they don’t want to spendany money upfront, they just want to try itout and see what happens. So, if you are one of those people you’re probably not going tobe able to make a website. Now, I’m going to talk about making awebsite in a couple of minutes now, but firstly, I want toappease the people who don’t want to spendany money at all. If you are one of these people, then these two options willbe really good for you. So, the first one isYouTube affiliate. So, if you go on YouTube and you typein any type of product or service, you will find a ton of videosand remembers about that topic. So, for headphones, for example, there’s almost a million searchesevery single month about headphones, and right here on YouTube, you can see all of these videosthat are reviewing headphones and this is all affiliate marketing.So, “youre seeing” my favoritewireless headphones 2018, you can see top five best activenoisecancelling headphones, and then as you look inthe description previews you can see that there areaffiliate joins right in the top. So, these videos arereviewing commodities and then sending you through theaffiliate link to go purchase it. So, almost all of these have affiliatelinks in the first two boundaries, that’s how you know that thisaffiliate marketing thing is real. But what I’m getting at is youcan make a free YouTube account and If you’re pleasant on camera, you can film yourselfreviewing concoction, you can compare twodifferent produces, any kind of product or servicethat you have used in the past and they have anaffiliate program.Now, in the next section we’re goingto talk about how to find offers and what kind ofproducts you can review that you can get affiliatecommissions on. However, in this section, just know that you can make a videoreview on basically any concoction extremely if it’s on Amazon, and then you can send themdown an affiliate tie and you can getcommission when they buy.So, some of you might be saying well, I’m not comfortablebeing on camera and that’s completelyunderstandable, so, just know that you canmake a PowerPoint presentation and set it on YouTube. It has the same effects. Just know that it’smore hire to beings when it’s actually aperson on camera. So, if you can get on cameraand do the review live, I certainly recommend doing that, then uploading that video with youraffiliate relation in the description. Now, for those of you whojust absolutely crave good-for-nothing to do with thecamera or YouTube, and you still don’twant to make a website but you do want to getinto affiliate sell, here’s the second action. So, this is over on Instagram. This is actually an exampleof one of my sheets and it’s actually basedaround print on demand.So, I use a website calledTeespring to fulfill fiats, so, it’s kind of like acombination of sag shipping and book on request andaffiliate commerce allinone. However, the notions ofthis sheet and how it use is exactly the same foraffiliate marketing. All you’re doing ischanging out the products and the link of where people canbuy it with your affiliate relate. So, I wanted to show youthis page and just briefly show you that you can post the productor you can post photos of the product, cool excerpts about the commodity, any type of specs or anythingto hype up the product, then you put your affiliatelink in the description, and you don’t need afollowing to start this. So, that’s a lot ofpeople’s concerns. Exactly know that when you make apost you can put in hashtags, relevant niche hashtags. So, with that being said, if you require a tutorial on how tomake a page like this on Instagram, to start affiliate marketingwith no website or anything, I’ll link a video up herethat’ll go through everything.Now, that video is going tobe based on printondemand, but recollect the concept is exactlythe same for affiliate commerce. Now, I want to move into thetwo main ways that I recommend and this is with a websitefor affiliate marketing, and what you’re doing iscreating a niche website, so, this starts to rank in Google and that’s where you’re going toget the bulk of your traffic. So, when someone’s searching for something related to thatniche or that concoction, your website will comeup in the ranks and that’s how youget your traffic.So, although these two optionsInstagram and YouTube are very good arranges for you to juststart out and get a feel for it, eventually, you’re goingto want to move into a niche affiliate commerce website, time because it’s so muchmore powerful and scalable. So, with that tell me anything, to create aniche affiliate marketing website, there’s two main optionsthat I recommend. Now, there’s a ton ofwebsite builders out there, there’s WordPress, there’sWix, there’s Squarespace, there’s a million other ones.However, after working so many of theseI recommend you use one of two, either Wix or WordPress. So, construct the website is something that you’re definitelygoing to want a tutorial on, because you don’twant to only wing it, there’s actually a process, and there’s a specificlayout that you want to use, and types of content you want to beposting to rank better in Google. So, if you’re interested in making aniche affiliate marketing website with either Wix or WordPress, I’ve made a lengthytutorial for both sets of. So, this is the Wix one right here, I’ll link it down in the description, I’ll link it up top now, and there is one for WordPress, so, I will relate that one up top andthen too down in the description.And these two seminars nomatter which one you watch will walk through everything. All the path from lookinginto which niches are going to rank the beston Google in the beginning, to finding intuitions forproducts to promote, and then writing the contentand publishing it, everything. That’s in both ofthese lessons. Now, the biggest differencebetween Wix and WordPress is one the toll andtwo the usability. So, if you are brand newto making a website and you’ve never work one before, that is where I would recommend Wix. Wix is a little bit moreexpensive each month. However, impelling thewebsite is so simple. You’re watching the tutorial, it’s literally draganddrop andit’ll save you all the frustration. So, if you have alittle bit extra money or if you really arenot tech savvy, I would recommend going with Wix simply because it isso simple to set up. Now, if you do have experiencebuilding websites and using WordPress, and you want to save a coupleof dollars each month, then I would recommendgoing with WordPress.It’s just a little bitcheaper each month, and although it has aheavy learning curve, you can customize it and do everything you need for theniche affiliate marketing website, just like Wix, it’s just alittle bit cheaper each month. So, that’s the differencebetween the two , no matter which one you watchyou’re going to be in good hands. But just know that you can have aWix website or a WordPress website, or if you don’t want a website at alland you really want to get started and kind of get the feel for it, you are in a position to draw YouTube videos withyourself on camera or PowerPoint, or you can make an Instagrampage around that specific niche and then use hashtags to gettargeted traffic to your page.Now that we have the options laid outand lessons on how to attain them , now we need to move into whatkind of offers can you promote, where do you find these presents, which are the best offers, so, that’s where Iwant to start out here and this is with Amazon affiliates. This is what I recommend to everyonegetting started in affiliate marketing and that’s because itis so beginnerfriendly and often leads toaccidental success. Now, allow me to explain that. So, Amazon associates is the biggest affiliate marketing program in the world and that’s by no surprisebecause it’s by Amazon, and essentially what it is, is you can sign up here, you’d have to apply, so, you can join now free of charge, go through the application, andonce you’re approved, you can then go on Amazon andyou can promote any make, you can get a special link that hasyour affiliate moving in it, and you can get a link likethat for any product on Amazon.And as you Know, there isbasically everything on Amazon and how the commissionstructure breaks down is this. So, it’s by category. So, whichever categorythe product twilights in, this is the commissionthat you would get, so, this is the percent of whatever’sin their go-cart when they check out, it’s how much you would get.So, it’s very important that we talkabout that a bit before we move on and what this is, is basically whether you’re making aYouTube video, Instagram page or you have your own website, you start this join andthe link is good forever, so, you can create it for anyproduct you have it forever, placed it on your site andit’s good forever, for years to comepeople can click that. Now, once someone clicks thatlink, it’ll send them to Amazon and it provides a cookieon their computer, it precisely is basicallyyour referral link, so, Amazon knows that yousent the person there and that cookielasts for 24 hours. So, if they buyanything on Amazon in the next 24 hoursafter sounding that tie-up you will get a commission dependingon whatever category that falls into.So, if you’re sending them toAmazon for a duo of shoes, and then they end upnot buying the shoes, but the next morning within2 4 hours they come back and they buy a refrigeratoror a vacuum cleaner, you will get commissionon whatever they bought and it’s everythingthat’s in the cart. So, if they bought your shoes but thenthey likewise bought ten other things, you would get commissionfor every single product that they checked out with. So, this is where theaccidental success comes, a lot of parties willsend people to Amazon and they don’t end upbuying that make that they move themto Amazon for, but they purchase otherproducts within 24 hours and the person who initially cast themthere still has the cookie there, so, they still get paid. So, I definitelyrecommend to anyone just starting out inaffiliate commerce, atleast apply toAmazon accompanieds and then you can recommendany product on Amazon.So, a lot of what we sawhere with the headphones, these are all going to be Amazonassociate affiliate connects So, these are considered lowticket affiliate items, because you’re only gettinga small percentage, you might get $10, youmight get up to $ 100 on it which would be really good, but chances are if you’re using theAmazon accompanies affiliate curriculum you’re probably simply goingto get somewhere between$ 2 and maybe $50 willbe the max average on whatever you’re sendingsomeone to Amazon for. Now, if you’re recommendingproducts like a MacBook or something that’smore expensive, you will get more coin eachtime you send someone there and they make a purchase, but most of the time you’re relyingon makes like headphones or something that might be ahundred or two hundred dollars, and then the commission on thatwould be 6% for headphones, so, you’d be looking atsomewhere like 6 to 12 dollars, every time someonewent through your relate and made a purchaseof those headphones. Now, there’s also highticket affiliate components and this is what Iwanted to show you.This is a website that Iuse, it’s Pat Flynn’s. He’s an amazing affiliate marketer, and in past years he used torelease an income report, so, if you click thislittle graph right here, it doesn’t say anythingabout clicking it, but if you click on it, it goes to show his incomebreakdown for the months that he released inhis income report, and it shows you which affiliateoffers he was promoting and how much he madefrom those offers.So, if you scroll down hereand click on any of these, a lot of them are a little bit old-fashioned butthe information still remains the same, you really click on one of them and scroll nearly to thebottom of this sheet, it’s about threequartersof the style down right here, this is his incomebreakdown for that month. So, as you can see in that monthhe grossed 167 thousand dollars and these were the offersthat he was promoting and how much he made fromeach of these offers.So, what that means for us iswe can come through here and we can click on these and see if that concoction issomething that “were having” squandered before or something that we could doresearch on to recommend to parties, what kind of use occasions they coulduse it, why they should use it, compare two different makes, but essentially, this is a vettedlist of affiliate programs that you know are good andyou know are proselytizing and are making a lot of money. So, you can come through now andyou can look through all of these, and some of these will be 50,60, 100, 200 dollars per person that signalings up whenyou send them there.So , not many parties willshow you such lists, but just remember you goto click on the income report and these are all going to bevetted affiliate platforms. And the last couple of thingsthat are really important to know as a amateur inaffiliate commerce are if you’re on the fence of doinga non website or a website for your pulpit, I obviously challenge you topush yourself to make a website. Down the road, you willreally thank yourself because when you startranking in Google you really get inundated withall this organic traffic that you don’t haveto pay for at all. So, if you are fastened for money, then I recommend startingwith WordPress website, it’s only a coupledollars per month, if you confront that and get that going for a while, then once you’ve graded on Google, youwill definitely be thanking yourself. And the last large-hearted thing is, I set a attach downin the description to a free affiliatemarketing congestion guide on how to get peopleto your website and this is withoutpaid advertising.Down in the link is the onlyplace you can get that, I’ve place it in a marry videos, but that tie is the onlyplace you can get that steer. So, guys with allthat datum you should definitelyhave a good start and that should march youthrough step by step how to start affiliatemarketing for amateurs. If you guys have anyquestions at all, feel free to let meknow in the comments, I hope you guysenjoyed this video, and it imparted evaluate to you guys, and I’ll see you guys in the next one ..


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