Fortnite Best Kills Compilation

Fortnite is an online computer game established by Impressive Games and released in 2017. It is available in 3 distinct game mode variations that otherwise share the same general gameplay and video game engine: 

Fortnite: Save the World, a cooperative shooter-survival game for approximately 4 players to battle off zombie-like creatures and defend items with fortifications they can build; Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play battle royale video game where approximately 100 players combat to be the last individual standing; and Fortnite Creative, where players are offered total liberty to create worlds and fight arenas. 

The first two game modes were launched in 2017 as early gain access to titles and Creative was released on December 6, 2018. Save the World is offered only for Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, while Battle Royale released for those platforms, in addition for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices.While the first

2 games have actually succeeded for Epic Games, Fortnite Fight Royale became a resounding success, drawing in more than 125 million gamers in less than a year and earning hundreds of millions of dollars each month, and because has become a cultural phenomenon.

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