How Affiliate Marketing Skills Let You Hack Any Industry in the World | AWeurope 2017

Hello everyone. So this talk is a talk that I would only ever give to the audience right in front of me, right now. And the above reasons is we have all had a shared suffer. At some top, we all sounded on a join, we went to a website, the website was mostly primary colours, there was maybe some black on grey text, there was some yellow foreground, there were some very big lists, there was some PayPal screenshots who have not been able possibly have been Photoshopped. And in the top, there was a headline and the headline read something like this, stimulate$ XX, XXX a epoch working at home by yourself in your stained boxer shorts, and you participate, this is where most people, most people who are working 9 to 5 enterprises, who have never started a company, who have never taken a risk would say, there is no way that this is true. You are so naive if you believe this. This is too good to be true and every single one of us exited , nope that seems perfectly legit to me.The thing is we were all right. This talk is not just about conquering industries, any industry. Let’s be honest. If an experienced affiliate decides that they want to conquer the Tibetan the healing crystals industry, they can probably do that perfectly comfortably without my assistance. In fact, I’m sure this is right I have seen that Shopify shop once. This talk is about the hopeless manufactures. It’s about becoming the President of the United Nation, it’s about becoming an astronaut, it’s about founding a Silicon Valley startup that will compete with Facebook, it’s about becoming a movie star, a movie creator, a author. Any of these things that people say you just can’t do and I’m here to say two things.Firstly, that you perfectly can do them, I’m living proof, and furthermore, that as affiliates, each and every one of us has a unbeatable skill set for going into these impossibly competitive industries and clearing our dreams come true. So one thing I should mention, by the way, I know some of you may now be going, oh this sounds a bit like motivational speaking, don’t worry, I have no intention of telling you awake your internal monster, spank your internal Muppet, snip your intestinal petunia. There will be no minute hand claps or fist gushing of any kind. This thing is practical, solid know-how, and talking of experience, who the hell am I and why would I know about this material? Maria already introduced me briefly. I was a filmmaker long before I became an affiliate. I was an animated film creator, which is like regular filmmaking, except it’s slower, harder and more costly. I acquired films which competed in viewership lists and recollect scores, critical acclaim with movies that had over 10,000 meters their budget.That’s not an exaggeration. I worked with movie stars like Joanna Lumley, Jack Davenport, Brian Blessed. I inadvertently formed an artwork constitute, which is fun as one of the purposes of all this and I founded the locate Machinima, which attracted multiple billion views, was the biggest channel on YouTube for a good long while, and recently sold to Time Warner for a number I cannot disclose but which had quite a lot of zeros on the end. Subsequent to that, I decided that liveaction filmmaking was what I is ready to do and in a year, I went from what is this thing you call a camera to having numerou gift nominations for my movies. Then a large box arrived at my breast doorway with the words HTC vibe, virtual reality headset on it and I rejected the box because I was very busy with safaruss and with filmmaking and it was sitting in my defect until one day, my lover got pretty pissed and said, examine we have this sobbing enormous thing blocking the footpath for the shower, would you please try the thing out or chow it out.So I did. I threw the thing on, I tried it out, I came out 2 hours later. I said right, I’m invalidate all my cinema campaigns, I’m stopping all my safaruss. What I am doing from now is virtual reality. It was an angels from heaven divine illuminate time. It was astonishing and since, then with no background as a programmer , no background as a game developer. I am now the author of the largest singleplayer virtual reality experience out there, which is quite nice.I’ve also consulted for this talk with a number of other superaffiliates, who I know who do amazing things. I’ve talked to people who fix luxury, who have a luxury inns, I’ve talked to one person who has gotten his sports, the number one on the App Store for iOS in several countries. I’ve talked to people who have found it near unicorn startups, a whole onu of things and a lot of things have become clear, in terms of how the affiliate skill set can let you get to the top of these industries. So what I’m going to do is I’m gonna give you a blueprint, like I said no motivational speaking or hard-boiled practical substance. I’m gonna give you a blueprint on how you can use your affiliate talents to get to the surface and the method I’m going to do that is through the structure of a conventional, affiliate campaign. So first let me exactly check in the gathering. If “youre gonna” 10 epoches smarter than anyone, if there was no way that you could possibly fail, can I simply check, who now would want to be a professional artistic of some kind? Musician, film producer, rockstar anything like that.Raise your hands. Writer? Yep, novelist. Poet? Yep, yep. Fair few people there. Okay, who would want to change the world? Who would want to be a politician, an activist, rolled benevolences, do aid in Africa. Anything like that? Anybody here? Okay, I see a got a couple of entrust in the back. Yeah but not too many beings, okay. Who would want to be a professional athlete of some kind? A professional sportsman, MMA fighter? Yeah I identify a couple of passes there. Okay cool. Yeah so it’s fairly, moderately, broad-minded, rounded scope. All of these things are possible. So we’re affiliates, we’re recruit a new horizontal. What is the first thing we do? This is not a figurative question.What is the first thing we do? You’re participate a new vertical, you haven’t run it before. What’s the first thing you do? Spy is exactly the right response. You investigate the living shit out of it. If you are an affiliate enroll a brand-new vertical, you’re going to know your adversaries leg sizing, you’re gonna know the timing of their bowel movements, you are going to know everything there is to know about them and that is something that most people in these industries or any manufactures don’t do.I mean clothings will call it competitive study but I like investigating. So the first thing you need to spy if you’re looking at one of these super competitive manufactures and this might seem spooky is you want to know what the job is. Now this might seem really dumb, but going into being a professional musician, you know what you’re doing. You’re standing up onstage, you’re rock out, you’re doing stagecoach slithers, which I’m not going to do because this will kill my knees. But let me give you an example, if you want to be a professional TV show runner, anyone here not know what a present smuggler is? Raise your hand if so. Okay I’m going to assume you do. It’s the guy who runs the picture like Vince Gilligan on Breaking Bad for example. Din like an amazing task. You get to create these fanciful fibs, you get these enormous budgets to play with, you get to work with these terrific performers, you get to send your work out to millions and millions of people. I wanted to be a showrunner for quite a long while, until I experimented it.You participate the thing with being a showrunner is that your job starts when you go into the room of a network ministerial and he’s wearing a super expensive clothing and you are probably in a Hawaiian shirt and don’t dodgy shorts and you say to him, I would like you to give me a $100,000, 000 satisfy. I would like you to give me that so I can have my friends, who simulate for a living, to pretend to run away from dragons repeatedly on camera and then we’re going to sell this and we’re going to make you all your coin back.And the network executive’s first question is, well yeah okay, but I represent can I assure these dragons? Can I get some notion of what that’s going to look like? And “youre telling” , no “youre seeing” some ping pong bullets. Maybe I’ll show you them feeing from a stick at some stage on the network executive, his racket is to give you the money, This is an anecdote I acquired from a chap called John Rogers, who is a show runner and this outcome in the network executives breathing down your cervix forever. They’re always giving you memo, they’re persistently besetting you, they incessantly giving you feedback and they are not the only ones. The performers are constantly worrying that their characters are not heroic enough, very epic, would do this thing, wouldn’t do this thing, whatever. They are your employees , no they’re not, for the first two seasons, they’re your employees and after that they are far more famous than you and you work for them.Youu’re gonna have the gang besetting you and so on and so on and so on. Your chore as a showrunner, it turns out it’s primarily to be the guy who 500 parties are screaming at, at any given point in time and you have to get every single one of them is cooperation. That’s actually a excrement job or at least I think is a shit job, which is why I decided not to do it. If you find this, you can then start working around it to figure out ways to construct the merriment parts of the job fun, and the shit parts of the job not there, that’s what I did with Machinima for example, the skill meeting, like I say I created and this is how I aimed up acquiring feature films with a thousand times less budget than anyone else. Another thing you need to check out and this is something I ought to have bitten by recently, is you need to know what the physical expects of the working you urgently want to do, are. If you want to be a professional Hollywood director of photography for example, you might want to know that on average, professional Hollywood cameramen live about 12 months after they retire because the job is so demanding that it literally kills them.Not huge. So expecting “youve had” figured out that you does in fact wants to do the job, the next thing to do is to spy to find the softest marketplace. Now this was fun, I as I said, requested a number of superaffiliates for input on this talk. And one person I asked was Lorenzo Green, who many of you will know as Mr. Green on the STM Forums and I asked about, he’s a keen footballer, so I said, okay with all your affiliate acquaintance, if you wanted to become a professional footballer abruptly, how would you go about that? And he thought about it for like half a second and then he went, well I’d determine the country in the world with the shittiest professional football teams and I’d move there.That’s a good coming. That’s what poker actors would call table pick. You want to look at the neighborhood you are intending to enter and you want to figure out a neighbourhood that is so underserved that you can dominate it much more easily. A plenty of people croak super competitive. A quantity of filmmakers, I’m gonna use filmmaking as an example quite a lot, I know it well, will tend to go for like an action movie or a super heavy publishes movie about the plight of the Argentinian Chihuahua or something similar.These are all massively overserved movies. I know one person who makes a fulltime living as an independent filmmaker by making movies about teenage daughters having supernatural adventures with horses. There’s a lot of youthful girlfriends out there who are really preoccupied with ponies. There were very, very few young, edgy 20 something filmmakers who wear black. No similarity. Who just wanted to offset these movies. Another enormous pattern recently came from politics. Ruth Davidson, in the UK politics, clearly wants to become the is chairman of one of the largest UK parties of Conservative Party and she has chosen to do so by becoming is chairman of the Scottish Conservative Party, which might sound like a very big job. No one required it because the Conservatives were completely hated and at the time she took the job. They had like 2 politicians out of 50 in the country of Scotland because Scotland dislikes the Conservative Party. She took that on because there was very little competition. She has done it really well. She is now being talked about, at the age of 40, as being the next chairman of the country. So once you know your soft market, the next thing you need to know and this might again, sound really obvious but it isn’t, you need to know who your purchaser is.Now if “youre ever”, is again, if you are a filmmaker, you would think that your customer was the guy on the beam back or in the chair, at the cinema, who is watching the film, and you would be dead wrong. He is not your purchaser. He is not your customer’s purchaser. He is exclusively sometimes, your customer’s customer’s customer. The actual clients for a filmmaker are the 400 or so parties, who gather twice a year at Cannes and at the American Film Market and they reap to buy movies. They are the only people who will buy movies and pay sufficiently large sums of coin for them that you can actually stand an opportunity of establishing your budget back and what a lot of people will do, is they will make their film, they will assume they are moving it for a cinema goer, then they will discover the cinema goer cannot possibly pay them.Then they will go to one of these locates and they will find out that they’ve done something that means that the 400 people, who are the only people who could possibly buy it, don’t want it and then they have wasted $50,000/ $500,000/$ 5 million. I’ve seen this happen. You need to know who your patron are. You need to know exactly who you are targeting and this is where affiliates have a huge advantage. People who are not affiliates tend to think of patrons as this big aggregate block but we are used to targeting.We are used to subtargeting. We are used to going, okay, so if I need to get into this seat I need to get the fluctuating voters and that planneds let’s look at the demographics, okay, I need to target people who are over 40, who have pets, and who are concerned about the environment. This is all stuff that is very, very natural to us and other things that are very natural to us is talking.As I am currently supporting, affiliates have two great advantage here over anyone else. The first one is that if you want to dominate any of these competitive manufactures, one of the barriers is usually that you need to know beings and that almost always means that you need to travel to where those people are and you need to actually get to know them. Now affiliates, “were having” the wants, we have the resources and we are used to travelling all over the world. Most beings is not do that. Most people who want to be in politics will not certainly travel to the Democratic National Convention and all the other major agreements they need to go to, to meet the movers and shakers. It’s only the really dedicated few who will do it because it’s difficult, it’s expensive if you’re not already fulltime on this stuff and when you’re there, you have another huge advantage. This is a stupidly diverse army. Affiliate marketing is a massively diverse crowd. I would not be at all startled later on in the night, when I’m rave about my VR cat stretching its implementation and how it’s going to change the world, I would not be surprised to discover that the person I’m talking to is a single father from Turkmenistan, who has managed to work apart to a brand-new life through affiliate marketing.Other people who are good at networking, even in these very competitive manufactures, is often used to mainly be good at networking with people who are like them. If you look at the partnership of a top law firm, which is a super difficult place to get to, you’ll tend to find that basically, it’s the same guy in twelve different dress. They’re very, very used to networking with people who are like them. We as affiliates are very used to networking with everyone. So use that to your advantage. Eventually, the last thing you need to spy is what’s good and this is where we have an unbeatable advantage over the race. Right, I’m going to tell you a storey and then I’m gonna ask everyone who recognizes that story to raise their hands. Here it goes. You have come up with a genius thought for awareness-raising campaigns, you have worked super hard-boiled at it, you have gotten the best payouts you possibly can before you start racing, you have had your landing sheets exquisitely crafted, you have set aside a huge budget because you utterly know you’re gonna make a ton on this thing.You launched it, you wait, and then about 1,000 bucks last-minute you go, yeah that’s a dead loss, that’s never gonna alter ever. Anyone had that know? Yeah one or two parties. Yeah, yeah. I’m seeing some entrusts yeah and likewise, you’ve had the other one where it’s 4am, you’re pissed, your sweetheart or boyfriend has been getting on at you about why the affiliate sell thing isn’t working yet. You slap a campaign up there because you exactly assured an email about it. You go to bed, you wake up the next morning, “theres going”, what the fuck is did I do? Quick, kill it before it wastes any more money. You look at your volume stats and you had found that your 4figures up once and counting and that turns out to be your most profitable campaign this year. We know that we don’t know what’s good. Say you want to be a novelist for example, I guess a got a couple of sides move up when I said that. Do you need to have splendid, beautiful writing prose style? Go read the first Harry Potter book.No, you don’t. Do you need to have compelling plans that are just going to keep the pages turning? Go read a book by Martin Amos. He’s incredibly successful and personally, I can’t read it without falling asleep. Do you need to have a notebook that was completely relatable attributes? Anyone read Handmaid’s Tail? Yeah not exactly. Do you need to figure out exactly what stimulates you and your output good and then you need to get good? And this is where affiliates again have an unbeatable advantage.We have all learned affiliate commerce. Learning affiliate marketing is really hard and it is something you have to do by yourself. Sure there are things like the affiliate comprehension challenge out there, but still it simply educates you a little of what you need to know to really get to clutches with any vertical. You’ve still got to learn, develop, we’ve all done the thing where we set up our first safarus and we framed the affiliate networks main URL in as our announce backlink, and then we simulate pasted the idols to our affiliate network, and somehow it didn’t work and then we glued in the URL into the traffic source and that turned out to simply be a porn site we had open on another tab, and then we started the campaign and we go, why the inferno didn’t thing wreak? And then we had to figure it all out from scratch by ourselves.That means we are all phenomenally good at learning. So I don’t have much to say on this item about coming good apart from that you have to do it, and you have to believe, and this is something affiliates are not necessarily good at. You have to believe that you can get to worldclass with your talents. There’s an interesting floor of a person called Dam, who is a web designer and he developed a thing called the Dam plan, which one or two of you may have heard of. He’d speak Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, he’d read about 10,000 hours to become an expert and he thought he would try this out. He only lasted 6,000 hours before he got caught by the thing I mentioned under move 1, did his back in, and couldn’t play golf anymore, but in that 6,000 hours he managed to get his golf disable to better, than numerous professional golfers. If you put in a lot of deliberate practice, you hire instructs, which is another thing we can do as affiliates, effect we have money, you can achieve remarkable things. If you want to learn more about how to learn effectively, predict Tim Ferris’ 4hour Chef, make the course Learning How To Learn, it’s amazing.Okay, so another advantage we have as affiliates and another one we really need to use in any of these industries is we are not afraid to ask for money. We’ve all done this. We’ve all various kinds of phoned up our affiliate director and said, yeah I need a hump on this offer. We’ve all gone into this with the expectation of getting paid and we forget how much of a big barrier that is to most people, how much they will go, oh I’m not good enough hitherto, I couldn’t possibly bill or they will give away stuff for free in the hopes of getting exposure.I’ve done this both ways.Iif you’re thinking of dominate one of these industries, one of these highly competitive industries, go in there confident and blame. It labours a hundred times better. Parties honour what they do not get for free, you are more likely to get love, people will analyse you better, people we’ll tell other parties about what you have created, on what you are doing much more. Now it’s worth noting there is one way to give away some material free of charge and still get to the top of these industries, and it’s an coming “whos working” particularly well, if you are looking at an industry like professional boasts or like being a cameraman or like anything where you need to be known as an expert, and then hired by beings on the basi of your expertise.Well that worked very well for politics, very well for social enterprises and that lane, is an obscure approach announced being an affiliate marketer.So let me explain, there was a cameraman in the UK, whose specify I will not reveal because I don’t want to send him a inundate of unwarranted traffic, who started out as a cameraman for BBC Wales and he was working but he was doing exciting tasks like he would get called up and say, oh hello boy oh, yeah there are, they’re reopening the post office in Kenarvan, can you come down and take a few photographs? Thanks very much bye and he would go down and he would watch the neighbourhood , nonentity snipp a ribbon over the local post office and he would shoot all this terribly professionally, and he started obliging reviews of the cameras that he exploited and putting them out because he knew that quite a lot about cameras, being a professional cinematographer. People started paying attention to these and then someone that told him about Amazon link, Amazon affiliate tie-ups. We know they’re only 5% right but 5% of a $7,000 camera still computes up to a decent clump of money.So he started drawing more reviews and you’ll be recognising this. This is the classic SEO located affiliate approach. He started impelling more assess because he had an income stream he could now attain the reviews better. He could buy more costly cameras. He could begin meeting short movies to test these things, which also incidentally indicated off his cinematography skills. So more people started understand better him. So his SEO started going up. So now when you you typed into Google, top cameraman, you would get this guy’s honour and the next thing you are familiar with, instead of getting calls from BBC South Wales, he’s going labels from the Discovery Channel saying things like, hi we hear you’re the best cameraman in the world. So what we want you to do is we’re going to jump into a live volcano and we want you to film it, are you a rise? And he went, hell yeah and now he’s making camera reviews at the two sides of a live volcano and the entire thing cycles/seconds around.You’ll recognize this. This is the classic internet commerce leader spring. It works in these incredibly competitive manufactures. It directs very well because they are incredibly competitive. Everyone wants an periphery. Everyone wants to know how you are going to the next call and by recounting beings how you got to where you are, you will gain that a stature as being an expert, which will help get you get hired, which will get you to the next one and so on and so on and so on.It works in internet market and internet sell is most mobbed. It’s the most leader populace person in the world countries. It use far better in most of these other niches. Now if you are a imaginative or if you are trying to choose how you’re going to approach your attack on your manufacture, you’re gonna need to choose a concoction and as affiliates, we actually have a disadvantage now, because we would naturally envision, okay we’ve spied the make, we’ve spied our industry. What we’re going to do is we’re either going to copy the bestselling thing or we going to really carefully market research something that we know succeeds and to hell with what we like, we’re going with what we know the customer likes. I have no good reason for why this is the case but that is a terrible idea. I have spoken to multiple, incredibly successful industrialist in all imaginative studies and one thing they all agree about, is that if you are offsetting something that you intend to release to the world, you are far, far better realizing something that you like.Even if it resonates fucking curious and you have no information anyone else is going to want it, then you are making something that is carefully experimented, I know this sounds strange, all I can say is I’ve seen it happen and occasion and time again, I’ve done this myself. I have fixed carefully marketplace measured movies term and time again they largely flopped. My most recent project is a VR game. It is a horror game. It is too scary for threequarters of my audience to play. I know this from the reviews. It is savagely difficult, so it’s too difficult for further threequarters of them to play because they die 30 days before the depart the opening room.It has a plot that is based on a compounding and obscure Jewish mysticism and the life and times of the Romantic poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge. I can see beings falling asleep in the back previously. This thing is doing astonishingly well, the most successful product I’ve ever liberated. There was an even better speciman of this, there was a board game liberated recently a person. A chap was put forward a Kickstarter for a board game he announced Kingdom Death and he said, so the first thing you should know is this thing’s gonna be a little bit more expensive than most board games.It’s gonna be 300 bucks, it’s gonna come in a casket this big and your postman is gonna need a truck to carry it up the street. As for the actual board game itself, well chiefly what’s going to happen is that you’re going to get eat by terrifying beings, you’re gonna starve to death, you’re gonna go mad or you’re gonna die of despair.Sounds awesome right? Put up for Kickstarter. Last-place hour I checked, it had raised $12 million. Weird certainly labor. Now we move into the campaign stage and if there was an interview for affiliate commerce, it would go a bit like this, right. Question one would be about the dress code, apparently. Yeah, so the examiner questioned Mr. Hancock are you prepared for the dress code we have in this office? And I’m like yep, I have my duo of boxer shorts with the mysterious discolorations and the grease down the two sides that came from I don’t know where, and I’m prepared to sit around and wear absolutely nothing else and scratch at my chest hair and the interviewer would be like, yes, excellent good good.Second question, are you prepared to fail? And then are you prepared to fail again, neglect some more, disappoint again, fail on Thursday, neglect again, fuck up on Friday, have a lack of success on Saturda, disappoint on Sunday and then just for encore, completely fuck up on Monday and have absolutely nothing work and that be a perfectly normal week? And all of us who are affiliates now, know that the answer is well, what is the answer? Someone tell me the answer. The reaction is yes. We are perfectly was developed for that. That is yeah, I’m seeing signs, yeah, this is normal as affiliates. We exist to making gigantic war and we are used to miscarrying time and time again and this is where we have a huge separating factor, and if you’re going into any one of these industries worth battering that as much as possible, use it as far as is possible, take absolutely phenomenally big act because most people, they will write one novel, it won’t work, they’ll lead, well clearly I’m not meant to be a novelist then.Many of the most successful novelists I know are writing five or six romances a year. Ridiculous amounts. You’ll go into politics, you’ll fail to get elected to your local council once, you’ll go, yeah well it was never going to happen. As affiliates, we know that what we do is we just keep going, we maintain pounding at that seek button and everything I’ve seen tells me that success, in any one of these highly competitive manufactures, is primarily correlated to out raising the race wildly.This applies doubled if you are looking to do something like being an actor or be a cameraman or something where technically you would be employed by someone else. A slew of actors, they just sit around when they’re not working. They do it, they go for auditions but otherwise, oh no darling, I’m rest, it’s the inventive process. Don’t do that. Many of the most successful performers up and coming right now, are so successful because they started their own activities anytime they only stood. Vin Diesel, who is actually a genius conductor as well by the way, has done this frequently. Felicia Day has done thi. She is a terribly, very successful actress in Tv right now. She’ll get involved in anything, so anyone calls her up. Not anything, anything with excellence she will merely admit quantities and loadings of capacities, repeatedly bash out big, massive excellence, massive, massive magnitude of drudgery. At the same time, the other thing that we know as affiliates is this stuff isn’t gonna market itself. We have AIDA, courtesy interest want action. You’ll have heard me talk about this on STM, if you’re on STM.The four components of any successful safarus, you get attention from the banner, interest and passion from the landing sheet, hunger is built up for the render, and then you get beings to take action on the volunteer by signing up, and then you get your conversion. Each and every one of those steps is unbelievably vital for this. If you are trying to become the president of Germany, well you need to get attention, first of all, so people know you exist. Then you need to develop interest in your platform, you need to get people to want alter, and then you need to get them to take action at the polling booths and vote for you. Nonetheless, this is how this material works.This is our occupation. Jeremy Corbyn has just done this brilliantly in the UK. Donald Trump regardless of what you may think of his policies has done it brilliantly in the US. In periods of how much you should waste use and the establishment of, compared to how much go you should spend marketing yourself, the rule I’ve heard again and again, it’s 50/50. 50% market, 50% start-up. Most people who are not affiliates will really struggle with the 50% sell thing and the other thing that they will really struggle with, is they will struggle with analysing what the hell is going on. As affiliates, we are incredibly used to drilling down to our stats but if you are going into politics, for example, almost none of your event are gonna sit down with their Facebook expeditions after you have attempted to run for your first accommodate, and almost none of them are gonna drill down and extend, well okay, so we didn’t win overall but I can’t help but notice that we got a 95% poll fraction in among 65 yearold grandmothers, who are interested in handguns and martial arts.So okay, we’ve got the badass granny demographic, how can we use that? Drill down, do your affiliate thing, and you will come out with a big, massive competitive edge. Don’t forget to use things like lookalike gatherings on Facebook, all this stuff and finally, here is the biggest affiliate advantage of all. Piles of parties in these industries, achieve one success or two achievers. They will make a stumble song. They will win a tournament.They will have a novel. Go moderately viral. They will release an info make about photography. They’ll make like 60,000 bucks and they’ll depart wow, that was a huge success. We is a well-known fact that what you do when you have something like that, is you scale and most other beings have never heard of the notions. So if you are doing any of these things, if you’re going into any of these industries and you have a touched, recollect your affiliate prepare. Scale that thing. Tell everyone you won that tournament, get your Facebook expeditions on for your affect song, get it out there, everywhere. Start calling every radio depot on the planet, telling them about it. If you’re a painter, you just made it if splendid depict, do books done. Get your full on ecommerce disappearing. One good cover can make a lifetime’s busines for a painter if you can sell it to enough parties. The formula I ever like to think of with any business is that you have two components.You have something that you can sell for more than it costs to get a customer for that or provides you more money than it expenditure you to get a customer, and then all you need is an infinite supply of customers. Spates of parties in your race can be allowed to do the first part. They will be able to come up with something that is fruitful, once in a while.What they won’t be able to do is to then tell everybody in the world about it. We can do that. Well everyone who’s on Facebook anyway. So a final word. These slides have all been seriously, exceedingly famous people emitting mild cliches and you might be wondering why the blaze I opt them. The reasonablenes is simple, all of these people were parties. They were beings like the people sitting in the figurehead sequence now, like the people sitting in the back there who I can just examine, like the person lying on the beanbag here. They were all parties just like you and the thing is you’re at Affiliate World. The authorities have people walking around here, who are almost as successful, if not as successful as the people on those slides.There are parties like StackMan who has turned his affiliate career into being an perfectly top and virtually the number one iOS game developer. You have people like Phillip, the chap with the whisker wandering around doing filming, who founded a nongovernmental aid organisation that received an award that was previously given to the Dalai Lama. You have parties like CMDeal, Chris who will be at this stage last-minute, who has founded variou 8figure, 9figure corporations, who has casually entered the publishing industry and mashed it because he was abode, basically. These beings are affiliates just like you. If you want to do something that is incredibly hard-bitten, yeah. Yeah. If you want to achieve your dreams. If you want to do the thing that you’ve always thought you would love to do but figured, it’s really, really hard to do.If you want to do the thing that all your friends and your mothers, your relatives, have said yeah , no, don’t do that, only stick with this stable income. You have the skills, you have the best skills of anyone in the world countries to do it. Get out there, get it done. Thank you extremely, very much ..


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