How I Make Over $50,000 a Month with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program (Actual Campaigns Revealed)

How I make over $50,000 a month on ClickFunnels AffiliateProgram, and in this video, I’m gonna be walking youthrough my precise campaigns, the numbers, the numbersthat you need to know in order to start, grow, body-build, scale, and exercising ClickFunnels as a great way to help other business owners as well as making an affiliateincome for yourself. “re ready”? Let’s begin.( energetic music) So, I’m gonna start off byshowing you how I literally proceeded from zero to over doing $50,000 a month utilizing this software, ClickFunnels, curing other parties grow their business, andwe’re gonna start off with this number now toshow you how $50,000 a month looks like, the disintegration, and how you can actually learn from my journey.So, I have been marketing ClickFunnels now for ever since pretty much they started. They’re close to about, they’re about five years old right now. So, if you’re brand-new to this, what ClickFunnels is, it’s first of all, it’snot a business opening. It’s not BizOps. Many times, beings newto this, they anticipate oh, it’s some getrichquick thing. It’s mostly a software that helps people build bring pages.It simplifies the process, and it enables people like you and me who aren’t codersor programmers or designers designed to strengthen these sheets andstart treating pays and to sell physical concoctions or digital concoctions truly, really readily. So, business owners and peoplewho want to bring their nonsense online would need thissoftware, and I wanna start off by sauntering you through the numbers of how that would actuallylook like in my detail. So, when you log into theClickFunnels Affiliate Dashboard, one of the things that theywill tell you as an affiliate, when you sign up for anaffiliate, it’s free to sign up, are these critical counts now. Okay, I’m gonna start off by saunter you through what these critical lists are, and then I’m gonna be showingyou how do you actually start if you’re brand new, andwhat I did in order to become one of the top affiliates inthe ClickFunnels community.So, this first multitude here is, that says MRR over here, expressed support for monthly repetition revenue. So, what MRR is stands formonthly recurring revenue, and the reason why thisis such a strong segment when it comes to affiliate marketing is because this software, there are two rate stages. There’s $97, and $297, andbasically, what ClickFunnels does is as long as you denote such person or persons, and if this person continuesbeing a pay customer every single month, youwould actually get 40% of this monthly repeat income. 40%, isn’t that lunatic? So, that means that they are taking care of the product exploitation, the customer support, servicing it, the servers, the maintenance, all of that, and they will pay you 40% as long as this person continues being member.So, that’s the firstnumber to truly understand. So, this first section here that says MRR is something that I think about in affiliate marketing all the time. Yes, it’s great thatthey have highticket, but one way to truly buildup a passive income torrent is to see if they have some sort of recurring and if they would pay you on the recurring, so ClickFunnels converges that criteria. The next digits is New Ordeal. So again, I’m gonna go youthrough the numbers first and then show you thestrategy behind it, okay, so even if you’re new, even you’re experienced, you’ll be able to see how you can utilize these different policies. So, how ClickFunnels work isbefore they start marketing the $97 or $297 per monthplan, you actually get to refer parties to get1 4 epoches free on a trouble, and after the 14 daylights trial, if they like the application, then they can continue todecide if they wanna get the $ 97 or the $297 per month schedule, and in this example over here, so, this was for a twomonth period, and during this twomonthperiod, we have 682 troubles, okay.So, Currently Trialingmeans how many people that’s actively within this1 4day trial right now. Now, this is the Life Time Value. Now, Life Time Value is insane. Like, if you take a look atthis, the Life Time Value of an average customer is $14,000. Now, what does that tell you? It tells you that when aperson goes on ClickFunnels, chances are because they’reeither making money with it, saving fund with it, orit’s just helping them get their life back becausenow they can now manage all of their online nonsense without being a programmer, designer, or coder. Fortunes are, they remain for a really, truly, genuinely, genuinely long time.Like, I’ve been a ClickFunnelsuser now for about, I reflect, you are familiar with, four years. So, if you take a lookat this, Life Time Value, $14,000, it just tells youthat retention is amazing. It’s not something that peopleutilize once or a few months and then quit, especiallyif you as the affiliate are referring peoplethat’s actually serious and not shiny object seekersor, like, BizOps seekers, which then is proved over here. This is the Churn. The Churn is how manypeople actually cancel. You can see it sayshere, Canceled Customers in the last 30 daylights dividedby Active Patrons periods 100. So, what does it want? It means that half a percentof beings actually drop out every month, which is, again, preposterou. Most people who utilize it will be maintained, and you can see that myTrial Stick Rate is 86%, which means that out ofthe 312 people trialing, 86% of parties would actuallycontinue to either accept and take up the $97 or $297 per month.So, as you can see here, the MRR is $51,988, which is insane, and thereason why these numbers can be achieved is becauseLife Time Value is amazing, because the Churn is so low-grade ,( bell dinging) and because the Trial( bell dinging) Stick Rate is extremely high. So, what does that mean for you? How do you actually promotethis if you are new, or if you are already promoting this, what is the right way to actuallyget these type of results? Now, patently, first ofall, when I say these type of results, my results are not ordinary. I’m not a conventional affiliate marker. You’ll notice that whatI’m doing is I’m selling my own stuff first, andthen as a slope thing because people need to buildup their pages online anyway, I cite people toClickFunnels on the site, but affiliate marketingis not my main thing, and I don’t recommend thatto be your main thing either if you are do that, affiliate commerce, you’re still at theend of the day building somebody else’s business, andbuilding up somebody else’s business is not really a business, so that creates us to the next role, and the next percentage is truly thinking about howdo you actually promote it, and what pours should youutilize to promote ClickFunnels? You examine, when you go intothe Affiliates Dashboard, ClickFunnels themselves, the government has, like, their own training inhouse, and I will leave a couple of resources in the description box below, but one of the things that youwill see is they’ve got a lot of different freetraining and, oh, so yeah, I’ve won, like, a lot of differentprizes from ClickFunnels.They genuinely have literally one of the best affiliate programs in the world. They’ve got a lotta differentways that you can actually utilize to promote ClickFunnels. Now, one of the bestways I would recommend to promote ClickFunnels, to get serious people in. Remember, you don’t wantto attract people who are, like, of the getrichquickmentality’ cause they’re gonna try it out, and thenthey’re just gonna cancel. Now, one of the reasons why myStick Rate is extremely high and why my Life Time Value isextremely high is because I am looking for parties, and I captivate the people, that actually want to build a real business online, and when people actuallytake action, guess what? When then start making money, they’re never gonna cancel because now, it’s no longer a cost. So, that’s the first goal here.If you can enable thepeople that you attract to sign up for this software, to actually get more makes, to actually convert theseleads into marketings, guess what? Because it now pays for itself, they’re never gonna cancel. So, the first question that Iwould ask you to ask yourself is who do you wanna provide, and what is the result you could help them generate utilize this software? Let’s say it could bedentists, chiropractors, or gym owners, or peoplewho wanna cause tracks, or system purveyors, or real estate agents. Just think about whothey are for a second, and how can you help themeither get more guides and alter these guides intosales through a sales process? And this is when you wouldwant to actually utilize this software yourself, andone of the things that I do is I ever pass out bonusesto people who register through my join, which is something that I would recommend you do as well. So, if you wanna see how that’s done, in the description boxbelow, you’ll be able to see the entire auctions process.You’ll notice that there aremany different funnels now, and what I desire is the 14 day trial. So, they will give you thislink, and this affiliate link, you can now utilize it in your advertisings. I cherish exploiting the 14 day free inquiry because it’s lowrisk. In fact, there’s no risk. People can simply try it out forfree, but the main key here is how do you actually exercise material to drive beings into this 14 day trial? So, let’s say now you sign upfor your affiliate platform, you sign up for ClickFunnels, and ClickFunnels now has given you your 14 day trial. This is your trial link, and right now, your goal is to get peopleinto this 14 day trial. Now, before you get peopleinto this 14 day trial, it’s really important tounderstand this concept that I talked about earlier, which is if you are building somebody else’s business, it’s not a business. So, a lot of ages, what parties try to do isthey try to send traffic straight-shooting to this link, andif that is what you’re doing, you’re not build a business.You’re building somebody else’s business. So, right now, what you needto do is you need to move this over here, and before “youre starting” promoting the 14 day trial, youneed to promote something that is of your own first, okay. Now, what do I imply by structure something that is of your own? You need to be building your own list, so let’s take, for example, you wanna help real estate agents come more precedes online. So now, in order to build this own listing, what this sheet would looklike, it would be you build up this supersimple page on ClickFunnels, and it could be something that says, Free training discloses, or free blueprint or free mislead sheet or free swipe file reveals how as a real estate agent you can get more leadsand more visibility online. Enter your identify and emailbelow to receive this free training, free plan, free report, free whatever, right? So now, they participate theirname and their email, and guess what? Because somebody gave you their list and email, this belongs to you forever.Now, the biggest mistakethat people make over here is they try to give outthings like an ebook. Understand that ebook is oneof the most horrible ways to get somebody’s call and email, why? Just think about this: if someone offered you a 280 page ebook, howdoes that start you feel? Risks are, you’re gonna feel like, Oh, I don’t have time for that. What you demand in order to attract somebody to give you their nameand email is something that’s specific and actionable. So, this could be a freechecklist, a free swipe folder, a free download, a freetemplate, right, a free script. What is something that sounds like even if they “ve given you” their figure and email, their life would be slightly better off? After they participate their nameand email , now it manufactures ability for you to direct themto the 14 day trial. So, this is when you would havea series of followup emails because, guess what, becausethe directory now belongs to you, if you foster such lists, if you continue to give them value, if you continue tobuild up ties-in, somewhere down the line, either an email sequence, one, two, three, four, five, six, they’re gonna go to this 14 day trial.Guess what? Followup email numberone, well: Hey, this Peng Joon here, and firstof all, I wanna thank you for trusting me with your identify and email. In this free training streak, I’m gonna be showing you how you too can get more induces online utilizing this simple framework. Possibilities are, if youare a real estate agent and you are relying on the old-time approaches like dedicating out circulars, cold calls, and knocking on openings, you know that this is no longer effective, and one of the things I’d like to share with you is how you can actually start gettingleads online, okay? So, this is how you’re sendingthem and paying them value.You’re educating them, but now, every email, you are able to send them to the 14 day trial, where the call to actionwould be, A great application out there that would helpyou get more leads-in online through having sales processesto proselytize these audiences into leads is calledClickFunnels, and now, you’re sending them to this 14 day trial. Now, this is one method. How are you able make things further? So now, remember, you need to field parties into this page, right? Now, this could be Facebook. This could be Instagram. This could be YouTube, andby the way, look at what I’m doing on this video, on this video literally. If you take a look atwhat’s below this video in the description box, you’llsee that I’m also communicating potentially you to theClickFunnels trial so that you can test it out, but noticewhat I’m doing next, okay. I am also establishing out thesething announced share pours. Okay, so going into myactual ClickFunnels account, I literally have hundredsand hundreds and hundreds of different pours, okay, where you have, like, body locate funnels, moves for physical product, occasion pours, lotion funnels, a lot of different pours, and what is really powerful about these differentfunnels is that in each of these different stages, so let me just open a random one, so thiswould be, for example, a free plus send funnel that I have.Now, what’s really, reallypowerful is I are to be able go to Settings, and under my adjusts, I can click on this thingthat says Share Funnel. You see this? Now, when I click on ShareFunnels, what ClickFunnels will do is they will give me this attach, and I are to be able make thislink and pass it on to anyone, for example, you, and inone click, my entire move, all of the move steps: stepone, step two, step three, step four, the entirearchitecture and infrastructure of the whole funnel will bepushed into your account.By the space, when you sharea move and when person or persons chooses that share pour, if they’re a brand-new customer, have never implemented ClickFunnelsbefore, guess what happens? ClickFunnels will ascribe you for the sale, and as long as this personcontinues being a member, you’ll must pay every single month. So, how are you able utilize this? So, back to our real estate agent example. So, back to our real estate agent example, can you imagine if over here, you said: One of the things that I did is I already havethese funnels done for you. I have created your realestate agent funnel, where the design is done, the template is done, and all you need to do in thisone click is to claim this entire funnel so that it willbe in your report as well. Now, just think abouthow much trouble or term you’re gonna save this personthrough this share moves. So, one of the things that I’mgonna do to show you examples of how I’m doing it is same thing here.In this description box below, I’m gonna share with you different type of moves: the optin funnel, the precede magnet move, thenetwork market move, the free plus shippingfunnel, the webinar funnel. I’m gonna share with you afew different moves below so that you can startseeing how this Share Funnel feature labours, and what youwanna be doing is utilize these share pours andshare it as a approach to refer beings intoClickFunnels, where now, you’re no longer sellingpeople ClickFunnels, but instead prescribing, and that’s a verydifferent tilt altogether. Can you imagine now, ratherthan saying, Hey guys, you gotta really check out ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is amazing, but preferably, you actually show them, Hey, guess what, guys, I have actually constructed this marketings process for youin order to help you get more guides in the real estate business, and all you need to dois try it for yourself. It’s free. Click on this link to getthis share pour as well. Can you imagine how differentthe move is now going to be? Everyone needs more leadings, needs more visibility online, and there is a requirement to a acces to convertthese leads-in into sales, and that brings us to our next position, which is how do you do it to the masses, which is what I did? Now, before I uncover what oh, if you like the content so far, do me a advantage and bang the Like button.It does help with thealgorithm a little bit, and let me know right up to this point what you’ve learned, your biggest takeaway is as well as click on the Subscribe button,( mouse clicking) the little bell button on the bottom righthand side( bell dinging) for future videos just likethis one if you experienced it. That tell me anything, have you done that hitherto? I’m gonna do an awkward silence for five seconds whileyou do it right now.( crow screeching) Okay, so now that you havedone that, let me show you Have you done that? Okay, I’m gonna trust that you did. Let’s talk about how doyou actually scale it? Okay, how do you actuallyget, like, many hundreds of parties, like, literally hundredsof people into your visitations? Well, the behavior you do that is by acting not onetoone but onetomany. So, when it comes to the dashboard, you’ll notice that ClickFunnels has come different types of makes, right? Now, ClickFunnels is the core product that they actually wanna sell, but they have other productslike Traffic Secrets. They have, like, theirOne Funnel Away Challenge, and they have got manydifferent commodities that I would try out different tilts to promote.How that works is let’s go, for example, Traffic Secret, which isover here, is a funnel itself. Okay, so how Traffic Secretsworks is if you promote the book TrafficSecrets, on the front end, you merely must pay$ 1, butif they take an refurbish, they pay you about 40% of improvements. So, one of the things that youwanna do is to start thinking about the people that you wanna serve. How are you able promote theseother frontend products? Because what ClickFunnelshas is this thing called sticky cookies, and you could be promoting this simple book called TrafficSecrets, and after that, they’re gonna follow up withthis person, and if this person eventually get ClickFunnels, this person who signed up for ClickFunnels will becredited to you as well.So, one of the things thatyou wanna be thinking about is to look at all of theirother frontend presents. This could be the Traffic Secrets book. This “couldve been” the Expert Secrets book. This could be all oftheir other stuff in now. In say to promote to the masses, I now scale by not thinking about how can I promote ClickFunnelsbut how can I promote the thing that sells the thing? So, the thing that youwanna sell as an affiliate, it might be ClickFunnels, butClickFunnels as a software might be a hard sell because people don’t wake up in the morning contemplating, How can I build a sales funnel today? So, in order to sell thething, you wanna think about how can you create thething that sells the thing? People are thinking, Howdo I get more results online? How do I get more traffic online? So, the government has, like, DotComSecrets, Traffic Secrets, Expert Secrets, and whenyou promote that pour, when such person or persons refurbishes toClickFunnels, you get ascribed for the sale as wellthrough the sticky cookies.So, based on this instance now, this is how I promoteTraffic Secret, right. So, Traffic Secrets noticedI give out different bonuses in order to get peoplebuying through my relation. Guess what I’m doing right now? I’m doing the same thingI’m asking you to do. I am coming beings to giveme their honour and their email first, which is what youwanna be doing’ reasons why? When soul gives people theiremail, you own this thing. This yours forever, and thisis when you can be promoting your own product or somebodyelse’s concoction in the future, but this is truly somethingthat you own, and this person will be following you for a really long time if you treat them well. To kinda further illustratewhat I’m doing right now is I formed a simple landingpage where I’m getting beings to give me their email, andthen , now, I am transmitting traffic into this simple landing page. This could be from FacebookAds, Instagram, YouTube, right, and now, because the lead belongs to me, I can now have followup email number one, followup email number two, followup email number three.I know it gapes a little bitfunny’ cause it says FU1 23, but it stands for followup email, okay, so after that, because they belong to me, then that is when they go tothe Traffic Secrets funnel because it’s an easier sell, right. It’s just $10, and guess what? That entire pour of TrafficSecrets is to get parties to buy the main thing, andwhat is the main thing? The main thing is ClickFunnels. So now, there’s differentlayers to it, okay, so this is another way to think about, but notice, you’re driving transaction, butyou’re not driving congestion straight-out to somebody else’s concoction. Now, I don’t care if thisClickFunnels or any other person’s product, you gotta rememberif you are building and transporting traffic tosomeone else’s sales process or mooring page aim, you’renot structure a business. You’re building somebodyelse’s business, so you always wanna capture the head firstand then have the followup emails, and the followupemails could be promoting this.It could be promotingClickFunnels in future, right. Email number 43 couldbe selling ClickFunnels’ justification now, this thinghere belongs to you, and that’s the thing Iwant you guys to see. How do you continue scaling? So, this is another waythat continues scaling. Can you imagine as you startdoing this, what if you started to scale it through webinars or occasions? Truly small, so, how did Imanage to get so many parties in? It would be this: utilizingthe webinar funnel, okay. I’m just gonna boundary it withthis pro gratuity now, okay. So, let’s go back to that, say, your real estate agent example. So, let’s say now, you’re clearon who it is that you serve and the result thatyou help them engender, so you help real estateagents get more heads online, so now, you have a webinar training that says, Free trainingreveals how to get more contributes online as a real estate agent, right. Sign up for this free training to understand these three techniques. So, they sign up for thiswebinar, and on this webinar page, you actually say, Just forshowing up, I’m gonna give you a free auctions process on how to get more leadings online, and guess what? This is basically the sharefunnel that I told you about, and on this webinar, youcould sell your own thing.You could sell your $5,000 assistance. You could sell your $997 direction. It “couldve been”, whatever itis that you wanna sell: your concoction, platform, assistances, but guess what? When you start driving beings, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, into your webinar, into your teaching, into your presentation, even if they don’t buy, on your Slack deck, you’regonna say, Hey guys, at the end of this webinar, I’m justgonna give you straight up a free, functional sales process that you can utilize immediatelyto get more pass online just as a practice of sayingthank you for showing up. So, this is a verypowerful thing that I do.So now, when I’m sendingpeople to webinars, sure, I’m making money becausethere’s something that they can invest in at the end ofthe webinar, but much better, even if theydon’t buy on the webinar and if they exercise this sharefunnel, it hands them quality. That’s number 1, butnumber two, that’s how I’m getting parties to be partand utilize this software, and particularly thankful forit’ cause there’s big perceived ethic’ cause itwould have taken them hours if not tens of hours todevelop this themselves, and then on the webinar, so notice what happens.On the webinar, that’s whenI had my own commodity for sale where I will be able tomonetize this, the ad expense, and liquidate the ad expense thatwas paid either on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or Google, but on top of that, Ihave an additional stream of income from the share moves. So now , not only am Iselling my own concoctions, which is what you need to bedoing, but I’m too having another stream of incomefrom the share move. So, this is literally the setup. How do you then link all this together? Again, I’m going full circle. I wanna be as tacticalas possible as well. So, in other words, if you wannastart establishing yourself as an power in that topic, you gotta start buildingup these moving articles. So, for example, if youknow that you wanna promote ClickFunnels in the real estate market for performing real estateagents, you could be utilizing and creating YouTubevideos, which is over here. What would your YouTube videos say? It would be exactly that. It “wouldve been”, How to get more makes online as a real estate agent, and can you imagine if you started creating videoson this and on the video, in your YouTube descriptionbox, you would say, Hey, guys, here’s how you do it.These are the five steps, and the end of it all would be: Hey, so if youenjoyed this, and if you now understand the importanceof having a process online to get more causes as a realestate agent, all you need to do right now is, in thedescription box below, I have the same exact funnelthat I precisely presented you boasted on this video, so goahead and claim this funnel.So, can you imagine ifyou started doing that in your YouTube videos, if you started doing that in your messaging, ifyou started incorporating this as part of your educate? So, I don’t know, evenif you had a course. Look, so, understand something: this doesn’t end here. You could have a workshop, okay. You could have a course. You could have a member’s area, right. What if all these different avenues, you still had peoplegoing to the 14 day trial or the share funnel, which is what I do, right? So, if you wanna startserving onetomany, ask yourself how can youincorporate your course, your member’s range, yourebook, your workshop, your webinars, and follow them into either the 14 dayor more share moves? That’s basically how I did it. That’s basically my journeyof how I started from zero to over $50,000 a few months passive income exploiting ClickFunnels byjust doing it on the side. Again, you gotta remember, if you’re not build your own business first, you’re not building a business. Hey, I hope you experienced this video.Let me know in the comments below what your biggest takeaway is, and as ever, make sure you subscribe. Be sure to tell your friends about this if you know they’ll beable to benefit from this, and click on the notification buzzer for future videos just like this one ..


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