How To Sell on Amazon FBA

Step by step How To Sell on Amazon FBA for beginners.

This video is especially useful for beginners, who are looking into starting an Amazon FBA Business.

As we will be telling you about the different ways you can sell on Amazon, but more importantly, when to pick what.

We go in depth on Private label and tell you how you should approach this and what you need to get started … and what you have to keep in mind if you ever want to be successful selling on Amazon.

———–INDEX ————-

00:25 – The Basics
02:30 – Much Ado About Private Label
03:59 – Private Label Deconstructed
15:26 – Picking A Supplier (Private Label)
20:19 – Product Research (Private Label)
33:16 – The 3 Commandments (Is Private Label The Right Choice for You?)
37:00 – Know Thy Market (About Market and Product Knowledge)
40:20 – Saturation Is Not The Problem (About Saturation on Amazon)
44:34 – A Silver Lining (Some Final Words)

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