How to START Affiliate Marketing for Beginners!

affiliate commerce has had a huge impact for us our primal video we’re now producing over tens of thousands of dollars per month in passive income so in this video we’re going to show you how you can start affiliate marketing for apprentices and share our top tips so that you can build your own sustainable passive income the smart-alecky highway stepbystep hey it’s Justin Brown now from primal video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video if you’re brand-new here make sure you click that agree button and all the links to everything we mentioned in this video you can find relation in the description box below so let’s jump into it affiliate selling is an improbably powerful behavior to generate passive income and in this video we’re gonna work through everything that you need to know to get started and to scale your new revenue streams fast and if you stick around to the end I’m also going to share with you some of our top affiliate programs receipt wise to give you some impressions on where to start looking now firstly and really importantly I do want to stress here that this is not a getrichquick video this is a get rich smart video with the lessons that we’ve learned from a ton of trial and error and times figuring out how to make money online and how to make money that is truly passive so made very clear despite what a lot of beings are out there saying that passive income is a myth or passive income isn’t possible with the systems that we’ve set up we make money online 24/7 while we’re asleep whether “were working” or whether we don’t an affiliate marketing is a big part of that and you’ll examine why in this video now I also want to stress here that while passive income is amazing and it is possible but what most people don’t realize about creating passive income is that there is actually nothing passive about creating it it does take work it does take time and it requires you to add and to create real value for your audience or for your patrons but the good news is is that that’s what we’re going to show you exactly how to do in this video and I likewise demand you to realize here that this is a long game you really need to focus on your gathering or your customers and the bigger the impact you can have on them the more you’re able to help them the more value you’re giving to them the better this is going to work for you in the long term okay so what is affiliate marketing well it’s essentially where you are paid a commission or a referral cost for mention virtuoso so we’re you’re recommending a product or a service when whoever you’ve referred that to makes a purchase or mansions up then you receive that commissioning or that referral cost for driving that marketing now we absolutely cherish affiliate market because it is a winwinwin scenario it is a win for your gathering because you are helping them you are recommending them products tools works resources that are going to help them achieve a specific outcome so it’s a make for them because you’re making that decisionmaking process much much easier and you’re referring or recommending the outputs and things that you use and that you know will that be of benefit to them it is a prevail for the company that you are recommending or the service that you are recommending because you’re driving them denoted traffic it’s not like you’re sending them their accumulation of people that may or may not be interested you’re sending them beings that you know are interested in achieving that result or that outcome in which case they’re more likely to sign up and to buy so it’s a prevail or a valueadd for your gathering or for your subscribers is a prevail for the company because you’re driving them traffic but it’s also a earn for you because you receive a commission from person signing up after you have referred them through and that’s really what makes affiliate marketing so strong so how it actually succeeds you will go on register for an affiliate program or a partner program for a commodity or service that you use and that you would recommend to your best friend then once you’ve registered with that fellowship you are given a unique link that is moved back to you you then post that connect or mention that link could be in your YouTube videos or in your YouTube descriptions parties click on that associate when they purchase you receive a commission because it is tracked back to you and your peculiar tie-in so in a nutshell the quick version that’s how affiliate marketing manipulates now in regards to the actual Commission’s themselves and how much people typically pay out it genuinely comes down to the individual affiliate program themselves some affiliate programs will offer you a corrected dollar sum for mention a sale others might give you a percentage of the total sale or of the full amount of items in the checkout you are able to receive percentage points of that entire auction so some of the affiliate platforms that were an integrated part of will compensate a fixed exchange rate $ 100 commission for everyone that indicates up exerting our connect whereas others then like Amazon we are receiving a percentage based on anything that is in their checkout at the time of them acquiring so it’s not just the one link to the product that we mentioned and really coming the Commission on that in Amazon’s case you’re actually going a commission from anything that they have in their checkout at the time of buying plainly your tie-up needs to be the last one that they click at that time for you to receive that Commission or for that to be tracked back to you so that’s normally how it works for a onetime purchase but if you’re referring beings and recommending beings acquire an ongoing subscription or something that has a monthly fee then the Commission’s for that could either be a onetime fee as well or it could be an ongoing monthly commission that you receive for the length of time that those individuals who pertained still is an active subscription or is still a active purchaser of that assistance so two examples like that could be something like ECAM live which is our top recommended live streaming platform on Mac they have a monthly subscription or a monthly fee so anyone that we refer to them that ratifies up we receive a percentage of their fee every month for the length of time that they are an active reader or a give representative to access ECAM life now I can’t stress this enough you really want to come from the place of coherence with the products and business that you are recommending I come from a neighbourhood where you are looking to add value to other persons and yourself by recommending things that you already use and the things that you know the things that you like and the things that you trust and the things that you know are going to add value to other beings as well there is no point recommending products and services only because they have the best Commission’s that’s what a lot of the crummy salesy and beings that are giving affiliate marketing a bad name that’s what they time and the flowon is it’s like you’re referring your best friend to something that isn’t any good your friend isn’t going to be happy with you because you’ve recommended that they purchase something that isn’t good so you really want to come from that situate of soundnes and look at the quality that you can add to beings with these recommendations so what you’re doing here is helping people make a decision based on you know what is going to help them achieve a specific outcome and you’re also going to save them a collection of period going out there looking at all the different options and making their own decision you are in a position to pertain and recommend which are the ones that you use and why which is going to help them as well now one of the biggest questions that we have come up all the time around affiliate sell is parties asking if this will work for them in their nature this is the biggest discussion point with people thinking that’s a title for us in our business but it won’t work for them in their business or in their niche or in their industry so for us we recommend things like gear to shoot videos cameras lenses tripods microphones we likewise recommend software video editing software any other tools or other programs that are going to help people create better videos faster and see your return on implementing video in their business too services and implements like tubebuddy it’s an amazing implement for helping you change your YouTube channel and we likewise recommend things like kajabi which is the course or participation scaffold that we use to host our primal video accelerator body or even other people’s commodities or directions that we are familiar are going to help people achieve a specific outcome so it’s not just about being an affiliate for the really obvious things gear and tech but study bigger than that what are the other services and implements and things that you use that you would recommend to your model patients or purchasers or to your best friends so to give you some ideas in other manufactures if you are a dog trainer this could be the dog gives or the dog dolls that you recommend that beings use when they are training their dog or it could be a specific course that you recommend person to be undertaken to perhaps stop things like their pup barking at the breast door so something specific but something again that’s going to help people achieve a specific outcome if you’re a personal trainer it could be the gym material it could be the heavines it could be the protein powder the nutrients the adds-on all the things that you use in that you recommend people use to get a better upshot or a specific outcome if you’re in the workmanship cavity it could be the specific pigment the cloths the woolen the knitting needles all the specific things that you use that other parties will be able to use to can achieve a specific outcome if you’re an entrepreneur it could be the books that you like that have changed the game for you or that you recommend people read it could be courses that you’ve made it could be assistances that you use in your daytoday life for planning your daylight it could be something like a journal like the 90 X planner to help people plan out their next 90 days whatever things you are using that you know will benefit your ideology audience so then how do you actually start with affiliate marketing well the first thing to do is to write out a directory of all of those doctrines all of those products and services that you use daytoday that you know are going to be of value to someone else so you want to write out a inventory it is possible to even be a spreadsheet that you’re pack out here and then you want to go into a little bit of research and find out if those products or services actually have an affiliate program already now to do this it can be as simple as just going to Google and typing in the product or service name along with the word affiliate affiliate program or marriage planned they all mean the same thing in a lot of cases if they’ve got one you should be able to find that they’re related in Google or president over to the front page of their website usually scroll to the bottom and they should have some mention of affiliate or marriage program down there if they do you want to go ahead and apply and sign up or register for that affiliate program once you’ve been accepted you’ll be able to login and grab your own unique tracking association and then all you need to do is to share that link out and that’s where you can introduce it in the description of your YouTube videos you are in a position to set it in your blogs in some cases you could place it in your emails and those sorts of things as well now going back to your directory if there’s any that you can’t easily find if they have an affiliate program or not you could reach out to that company or to that label and ask them in some cases they do using them and they’re just not public on their websites in others there might be some other ways that you could working in collaboration with them if they don’t have an affiliate program right now now one really important thing I do want to mention at this point is that you want to be familiar with the terms and conditions or Terms of Service of each of the different affiliate planneds the majority of them out there are pretty straightforward but some of them do have some strict requirements even things like Amazon are very specific around where you can and can’t include their affiliate associates and even have some verse and a little of a disclaimer that you have to include with an affiliate join now don’t want to scare you off with that but there’s definitely something you will want to be aware of now to really ground this and make it real for you I’m gonna jump across now and see you behind the scenes of some of the affiliate platforms that we are part of just so that you can see what’s possible so that you can see that this stuff does actually manipulate all right so this is the dashboard on one of the affiliate platforms that we are a part of this is set to report for a year to date so we’ve got everything back here to January you can see that we denoted 417 clinks and $200 value of Commission so this one it compensates a flat charge $100 per conversion or per auction so you can see here the number of sales to six five five eleven and the dollar amounts on this end $ 200 six hundred five hundred five hundred one thousand one hundred right through to this month so far at seven hundred so that’s one curriculum that’s a fixed rate per sale okay so we’re inside another one now this one is set to show the last six months so for May 349 clinks 10 signups 8 customers bought us in two hundred and nineteen dollars this one here is a subscriptionbased service so you will get the choice to pay monthly or you can pay for an annual due and we get a percentage based on either of those so you can see here as well that the amount of clinks or the amount of traffic that we’re getting on our videos over time is increasing that could be because our videos are increasing in views on YouTube and increasing in popularity or maybe we’ve created more content or have more relations out there now that people are clicking but last month 568 clicks 13 parties signed up which was 13 patrons producing us in 321 dollars us and this is another one now you can see total with this affiliate program we’ve earned twenty two thousand nine hundred and sixtyseven dollars since signing up towards the start of 2016 but if we come down now and have a look at the recent activity you can see someone signed up and purchased six hours ago we got $ 14 seventy nine ten hours ago$ 8 seventy six weeks ago$ 8 78 does serve simply 10 days ago 53 70 32 now all of these here this is another monthly subscription so all these amounts are now sink in monthly so obviously the new ones that get added in now simply add to the base pool that we are accruing every month and then there’s even some bigger ones now 545 and again this is pretty consistent month on month and it’s growing and he’s another one here now again proving yeartodate from January through to now in October you can see the amount of clinks that we’re having you can see the number of auctions here and then you can see our Commission’s that we’ve received for each of those months so you can see with this affiliate program yeartodate we have done twelve thousand eight hundred and forty two dollars so you can see how these things add up and stack up over day these are just a few that I’ve establish you some of “the worlds biggest” ones and some of the smaller ones now I have a massive pro gratuity for you here as well that is going to change the game with your affiliate commerce and it’s gonna save you a slew of headaches as you stretch with this stuff and that is to use redirect ties-in or to own your own tie-ups and what I entail by this is instead of really sharing out your raw affiliate association that you’re grabbing from each of the different makes or each of the different planneds that you’re a part of instead of really sharing out that connect and putting that relation in your youtube description and on your blog and other arranges you want to make sure that you are using a redirect connection so for us we use primal video comm/ croak articulation slam the make or service name and that is the link that we are sending out and then we’re use a plugin for WordPress called thirsty affiliates which redirects parties so whoever is applicable to one of those relations primal video comm for such go for slash product or service they are then redirected to where we want them to go to our affiliate connect so they’re still taken to the same place but there’s two main benefits in this the first one and the main one is that if that affiliate tie changes and we have been a part of affiliate curricula that update their associations from time to time if you’ve got that associate pasted everywhere multiple YouTube videos on your web sites and those sorts of things it would be an absolute pain to go back and to replace those in all of those different places whereas if you’re just sharing your own redirect link all you need to do is to log into your service like thirsty affiliates and revise the link to the brand-new one then across all of your videos or any behavior that that link is already sat everyone that clicks it will be taken to that new tie-in or that brand-new point so that’s going to save you an ultimate ton of hour and headaches but also it’s going to construct your associations gaze a lot better especially if they’re branded for your firm or your channel specify or your business like ours primal video comm 4 is they should go so it inspects a lot better and it’s also a lot shorter than some of the affiliate joins that you will get out there some of those can be ridiculously long so thirsty’ affiliates is the wordpress plugin that we use to do that but you could also use any of the other redirect works out there to manage those ties-in for you now earlier in the video I mentioned that I would also share with you a few cases of our top affiliate those programmes and why they drive so well so the first one is a pretty obvious one and that is Amazon now Amazon as you know they pretty much sell everything which means that you can sign up for their affiliate program once and then you’re able to use that affiliate program to drive people to an absolute ton of the products that you recommend so for us that’s things like microphones cameras tripods any other tools that we can recommend people use to get a specific the results and again the other big benefit with Amazon is you’re too able to receive a commission from anything that someone has in their check out that time of acquire not just for the one tie-in that they clicked or the one concoction that you pertained them to and another one that I’ve already mentioned in this video is ECAM for their live streaming application ECAM live again that’s the live stream software that I actually use for any live rivers that we do and it induces it real easy for us proposed to our gathering and they have an ongoing monthly due which means that our Commission’s or our referral rewards from them our ongoing monthly committees as well so the cool role about that is we’re receiving ongoing commissions from them every month now two others that I want to mention are for active expedition and convertkit now these are both email pulpits and these are both products that we’ve squandered and that we recommend to our clients and to our audience to help them grow their email indices and to manage everything and build out automations all to help them grow their business and grow their income online we have a big focus on helping people with this stuff our primal video so while the two of those are very similar and yes there’s a lot of overlap between them we actually recommend them different people if you’re an absolute amateur looking to grow your email list convertkit is probably going to be the one for you if you’re someone who is looking for more advanced automations and advanced features and those sorts of things then that’s what we would recommend activecampaign and both of these are a monthly subscription service so beings are paying monthly to use these services we are receiving a percentage of what they’re spend monthly as our committee or as a referral for refer those marketings but they also make it as easy as it looks for us to promote because these are the tools that we know are going to make the difference for our audience and people who are interested in using them so those are some of our top affiliate curricula but there really is no limit to how many affiliate curricula you could be a part of as long as you’re coming from that region of unity now if you’re someone who is really serious about growing and scaling your affiliate income then having an email list and stretching that email listing is one of the most powerful ways to do it so associated on screen is a free rehearsal shop that we put together demo you how you can grow your email index organically squandering YouTube there’s also a association in the specific characteristics below so make sure you check out that training and I’ll see you in the next video


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