Human Synthesys Studio Review

Human Synthesys Studio Review

Have real human spokespeople in your videos saying exactly what you want in MINUTES!

Webinar is over but product will be available for sale starting 5-24-2021 at 11am EST.

REAL Humans, REAL Voices, With A NEW Technology That Gives STUNNING Results.

Choose your human + voice | Type what you want them to say | Render your “Humatar”


In this Human Synthesys Studio review, I’ll be going over the features, benefits, pricing, upsells and OTO’s.  You can also watch my Human Synthesys Studio demo and tutuorial video above showing you how it works and what you get when you purchase.

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What Is Human Synthesys Studio?

Human Synthesys Studio is an upgraded version to the previous Synthesys text to speech web based software.   This new version called Human Synthesys Studio adds real humans, also known as “Humatars” that actually read your script while showing themselves in the video.

To see several examples of this new technology, click here.

In short, if you don’t like to show your face on camera or hear your voice on camera, you no longer have to.  Human Synthesys Studio will do it all for you through it’s highly advanced AI and Humatars.

With Human Synthesys Studio, you’ll unlock the power of high-end, cutting edge technology: “Humatars”. This new kind of Avatar isn’t really an Avatar at all. They are real human beings who speak and pose for TEN HOURS.  Then the Artificial Intelligence involved goes to work examining 100,000 videos to get the lip-sync just right.

Humatars are REAL humans with REAL human voices. You type, they speak.

Who needs to pay a spokesperson anymore with low-cost Humatars saying what you want, when you want it!

Human Synthesys Studio Demo Videos

Human Synthesys Studio Benefits

•  First of its kind technology
•  REAL professional actors in your videos
•  Synthetic human voice text-to-speech (English Only)
•  PLUS Google text-to-speech (40 languages + 74 voices)
•  Revolutionary lip-synching technology
•  Stunning life-like facial movements
•  Cloud based (no installation required)
•  Extremely easy to use (no learning curve)
•  Background and audio bank included
•  Simple editing interface
•  Tap into the HUGE spokesperson market
•  Commercial license available


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